Lohri, is one of the most significant festival for Punjabis to celebrate. Excitement gets doubled when it’s the first Lohri celebration of Newly born or newly wed couple. You are happy and want to  share this happiness by hosting an unforgettable Lohri party for your family and friends. If you are planning to throw a perfect Lohri party but don’t know where to begin, we have you covered with a perfect plan. Now Plan a stress free Lohri party for your family and friends using this step  by step guide.


Step 1. Plan Early. You need to give yourself enough time to work out all the details of the party. Try to start planning around a month before Lohri. This will not only give you enough time to plan the most important things to do like to Choose  the perfect venue, Book perfect party planner, etc., it also will allow you to invite your guests early, so that they won’t plan anything else for that day.

Step 2. Choose a Date. Find a date, before 13 january to host your Lohri Party. If you are planning early, then you can choose a weekend coming  before 13 january. Generally everyone prefers to host Lohri party on weekends,because guests won’t have to got to work in the morning,and therefore comes fresh and can enjoy the party.

Still not sure, Get some inputs from your guests to choose a right date so that everyone can make it to the party.

Step 3 Choose a Venue . Decide if you want to throw your party at home or rent a Party Hall. Celebrations at home are more cost effective and ideal for 20-30 guests or less, while renting a party hall works better for large number of guests. There are few keypoints to consider before booking a party hall:

  • It should not be too far from your locality and should be well connected.
  • Should have good parking space for the guests  to park their vehicles.
  • Should have ample amount of space to accommodate all guests under one roof.
  • Should have good  catering service.

Note : The Early you plan  your party, the better your chance to get the venue of your choice.

Step 4 Send invitation

Once the date and venue is finalised it is very important to make a guest list and send an invitation to all 15 days prior to function. Make sure that  invitation tells your guest to RSVP, so you will have a sense of how many people will be at the party.

Step 5 Choose a Theme/ Decor

Any Party without Decoration is like an empty shell. Good Punjabi Customised Decor will bring the liveliness inside a party. If food is the backbone of the party, Good Party Decor is the face value.   Perfect Party Planner like Partyideaaz, will provide you the complete package of decor and all fun activities to engage your guests, so that they can have a fun time and you too.

Step 6 Book an Anchor :

Anchor is important person in the party when you are inviting more than 50 guests. Because he/she will be the one, who will set the mood of your party. As you will be busy in the party  to greet the guests, he/she will be one who will keep the guests engaged. Good and experienced anchor has the ability to take the party on their own.

Step 7 MUSIC :

Music is  the most important factor for the party. Just imagine a party without music and sound, Horrible Right !!!. Music becomes more significant when it’s Lohri.  You can book a Good DJ for music, but Lohri is incomplete without beats of dhol and Bhangra. Therefore, book a perfect dholi for your Lohri party.

Step 8  Food

In every Corner of the World,for guests  the most important factor in the party is the food. And when it comes to host a Lohri party, there’s alot of hype over the punjabi food, Makki di roti, sasrson da saa, Chane bhature, Amritsari Naan Kulche, Paneer Tikka are some of the delicacies to keep your guests satisfied. Bar is equally importsant along with food, especially for men. Special Punjabi Bar Truck is in trend for Lohri function  to serve the drinks.

Step 9 Bonfire :

One of the final ritual for all kind of Lohri is the Bonfire. All the guests will gather around the bonfire, sing and dance around it.Following a  tradition, guests will throw sesame seeds, rewri, peanuts, popcorn, jaggery to the fire.Make sure to arrange the wood and other material required to setup bonfire. You can also ask your party planner to do the arrangements for Bonfire.

If you are Planning to host a First Lohri celebration then Book this package to get everything.

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