10 reasons behind a flop first birthday party

1.Fallacious venue selection?

Venue should not be too far. Think about the flow of traffic. Choose the venue which is affordable. For a summer or a spring an outdoor venue would be great if it’s evening event. If venue has a parking lot or valet parking.

2. Awry event planner?

Now a days it’s not just about balloons and a happy birthday signage. Quirky ideas are there to create a vibrant environment.Sometimes marriage decorator don’t have the knowledge of birthday parties. Choose a trusted event planner that must have knowledge and experience of birthday parties. A party without décor is like as empty shell. Decor gives liveliness to a party. Best event planner.
  1. Inapt theme selection?

      Did you choose cartoon theme for the first birthday party?

        Especially for the first birthday party don’t go for any cartoon theme. Cocktail theme is                                 appropriate. An event organizer can help for the selection as per your guest list.

  1. Last moment changes of preparations…….

Due to excitement of first birthday celebration, everyone wants to throw best party so they keep adding on different activities at the last minute even to make party more happening but it always creates a mess.

5.Is this one man responsibly?

 In Most of the families it’s the work of the head of the family to do all the arrangements. The entire burden comes on one shoulder. So the work should be divided so that everyone can enjoy the party.

6.Have you checked layout?

Theater style seating will not do at all for the first birthday party .Go for banquet style or family style. Avoid too many tables to save space for dance, DJ and other activities.

7.Early cake cutting……?

One more blunder is to do cake ceremony early, after cake cutting guests rush for dinner and they want to leave, but as all activities left so it can also ruin celebration.

8.Over excited for returns gifts?


Returns gifts should be as per event and the age group of guest as pack of toys will be not worthwhile for the old age couple, so while planning do special care of this as well .An event planner can also help you.

  1. Too many activities ….?

Now a day’s people love to do sky high activities….

Dance performances by family, magic show, tattoo making, games, DJ, Singer, Live band, Anchor, slide show of pre birthday bash etc….

This is the main cause of mess. Manage activities as per time period.

A good party planner can make it easy for you.


       Always make a checklist of task and check from time to time.

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